New contest! Show the world you can slay like Pantera.

Slay Like Pantera!

Show the world you can slay like Pantera. Grab your guitars and crank it up to 11 on any Pantera song of your choice (unique takes & instruments are also welcome!) Upload your covers to YouTube, tag them #panteracoversfromhell and invite your friends to like your video on youtube. 10 of the most popular videos will make it to our exclusive heavy metal showdown on beginning Friday, April 18.

Pantera is on the cover of the new Revolver Magazine!

Have you picked up the Apr/May Issue of REVOLVER Magazine? Check out the cover & make sure you pick up a copy!


New Hellyeah webisode, new Down song, new drummer for Kill Devil Hill

Vinnie’s band Hellyeah is releasing a set of webisodes to promote their upcoming album “Blood For Blood”. The first one can be seen by clicking here. The second one is right here:

Philip’s band Down has made a song from their upcoming Ep available for streaming. It’s called “We Knew Him Well” and the Ep comes out May 13!

Rex’s band Kill Devil Hill has announced that founding drummer Vinny Appice has departed from the band and they have welcomed Johnny Kelly (Type O Negative) to the band. Read more about it on Loudwire by clicking here.

Details from Vinnie’s 50th Birthday bash emerge!

Vinnie had his 50th Birthday party in grand fashion in Las Vegas on Friday. As John Katsilometes reports in the “Kats Report” on
The loudest birthday party possibly ever was Vinnie Paul’s 50th on Tuesday night at Vinyl in the Hard Rock Hotel. How loud? “Raiding the Rock Vault” singer Paul Shortino, who has fronted two heavy metal bands (Quiet Riot and Rough Cutt) shouted, “This is loud!” Or I think that’s what he shouted. That’s what he mouthed, anyway, as house band Sin City Sinners — who are the city’s go-to band when you need a hard-rock outfit to host a party — cranked Dio and Led Zeppelin and I believe the Scorpions, among others.

Shortino’s fellow “Rock Vault” band and cast members Doug Aldrich, Andrew Freeman and Stephanie Calvert were glimpsed in the throng. “Rock Vault” is selling tickets through November, incidentally, and is in an open-ended agreement with LVH to continue its run indefinitely (pending a sale of the property, of course). Folks on property are exuding confidence about improving ticket sales, and the show is rocking harder than ever with new singers Calvert and Carol-Lyn Liddle (who alternate in the show) taking the place apart every night. And Aldrich is a great fit. He’s just a rock star, that one.

Back to VinnieFest: Frankie Moreno was in the house, as was Zowie Bowie’s Chris Phillips (the latter of whom sang the Van Halen version of “You Really Got Me” with Paul flailing away on the drums). Las Vegas Wranglers President Billy Johnson and his wife, Erica, turned up. Paris Las Vegas hypnotist Anthony Cools (voting is now closed, BTW) was toasting it up at the bar. Penny Wiggins, the longtime Psychic Tanya in The Amazing Johnathan’s stage show, was wheeling around taking photos. An eclectic group, to be sure.

The cake presented to Paul was something special, too, as created by Christy Horner and Amy Fitzgerald of NicoleMariePatisserie: A bass drum with Paul on the face, sticks raised under his favorite saying, “Hellyeah.” The great drummer plays that saying, and the age of 50, at the highest volume.





UPDATED! More details on Far Beyond Driven’s 20th Anniversary!


Two-Disc Anniversary Edition of Pantera’s Metal Milestone
Includes Newly Remastered Version Of Original Album,
Plus A Live Performance From The 1994 Monsters of Rock Festival

Available From Rhino On March 25, 2014

LOS ANGELES – Pantera reached a major milestone in 1994 when the legendary metal band’s seventh studio album, Far Beyond Driven, debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top 200, becoming the fastest-selling album of the group’s career and its second consecutive platinum release. Not only a commercial success, the album also earned positive reviews around the world for the beautiful brutality of its all-out sonic assault.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of that landmark album and Rhino is celebrating with a special two-disc version that includes a newly remastered version of the album, along with a live performance from the 1994 Monsters of Rock Festival. FAR BEYOND DRIVEN: 20TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION will be available on March 25 for a suggested list price of $18.98. A digital version will also be available.

Following the breakthrough success of 1992’s Vulgar Display of Power – which has since been certified double platinum – singer Philip Anselmo, guitarist Dimebag Darrell, bassist Rex Brown and drummer Vinnie Paul returned in March 1994 with Far Beyond Driven. Following its #1 debut, FAR BEYOND DRIVEN remained on the Billboard album chart for seven more months and many still regard it as the heaviest album to ever top the chart.

Its 12 tracks represented a continuation of the previous album’s relentless musical onslaught with hard-hitting tracks like the first single “I’m Broken” as well as the mosh-pit classics “5 Minutes Alone” and “Slaughtered.” Another standout track was the group’s swirling acoustic cover of Black Sabbath’s “Planet Caravan,” which became a live favorite when Pantera hit the road to support the album later that year.

Fans already familiar with FAR BEYOND DRIVEN are in for a treat with the second disc of the 20th Anniversary Edition. Dubbed FAR BEYOND BOOTLEG – LIVE FROM DONINGTON ’94, the disc contains Pantera full live set recorded at the Monsters of Rock Festival in Donington, England on June 4, 1994. The 40-minute show comprises nine tracks taken from the band’s three most recent albums including: “Use My Third Arm” and “Strength Beyond Strength” from Far Beyond Driven, “Walk,” “Mouth For War,” and “This Love” off of Vulgar Display of Power, plus the title track from Cowboys from Hell as well as the live staple melding “Domination” and “Hollow.”

Track Listing

Disc One – Original Album Remastered
1. “Strength Beyond Strength”
2. “Becoming”
3. “5 Minutes Alone”
4. “I’m Broken”
5. “Good Friends And A Bottle Of Pills”
6. “Hard Lines, Sunken Cheeks”
7. “Slaughtered”
8. “25 Years”
9. “Shedding Skin”
10. “Use My Third Arm”
11. “Throes Of Rejection”
12. “Planet Caravan”

Disc Two – Far Beyond Bootleg – Live From Donington ‘94
1. “Use My Third Arm”
2. “Walk”
3. “Strength Beyond Strength”
4. “Domination/Hollow”
5. “Slaughtered”
6. “Fucking Hostile”
7. “This Love”
8. “Mouth For War”
9. “Cowboys From Hell”

Click here to purchase the Far Beyond Driven 20th Anniversary 2 Disc set. (USA and International).

Click here to purchase the Far Beyond Driven 20th Anniversary T-Shirt from the Official Pantera store.

…..and there will be release parties! In Chicago, it will be at The Exit. In New York City it’s Duff’s Brooklyn! Click on the fliers below for more info.

FBD-Chicago-Record-Release-party     Duff's Brooklyn

Vinnie speaks with Bandit Rock about the beginnings of Pantera, the new HELLYEAH album, the touring lifestyle, more (video)…

While in Sweden. Vinnie stopped by the Bandit Rock studio to share some insight on some things that only he can! Namely, the early days of Pantera; going from cover band to writing originals. Also, the idea behind the title of the new Hellyeah album and why he likes to keep the party lifestyle alive while he’s on tour.

Vinnie shows us the new Far Beyond Driven Dean and more (video).

Director of artist relations for Dean Guitars and ddrum Josh Maloney has a friendly chat with Vinnie Paul at NAMM 2014 in Anaheim, California. Vinnie talks about his return to NAMM, and shows us the new Far Beyond Driven Dean guitar and more guitars made out of the trees in Darrell’s yard!

Televison pays tribute to Pantera with two recent references; Workaholics and True Detective!

In the recent Workaholics episode, Blake shows some frustration with some kids who aren’t quite up to speed yet:

In True detective, some dude gets tossed in the clink wearing his Far Beyond Driven t-shirt, pretty much guaranteeing no other prisoners will mess with him while he’s there.

Rockline Prod: Vinnie talks about new Hellyeah album/tour. Bonus: The first Hellyeah “Blood For Blood” webisode.

Vinnie elaborates on the new HELLYEAH album title “Blood For Blood”, the line up change in the band, and the band’s direction. He also discusses recording details of the new album and tour plans.

Get ready for new music from HELLYEAH!! “Blood for Blood” is due out later this year and the boys from HELLYEAH are giving you a preview of what’s in store on the new record! In this webisode, meet the newest member of HELLYEAH, bassist Kyle Sanders!

REVOLVER Magazine Golden Gods Awards are renaming the Best Guitarist Award for Dimebag Darrell.

REVOLVER Magazine Golden Gods Awards are renaming the Best Guitarist Award for Dimebag Darrell. It will now be known as the Dimebag Darrell Best Guitarist Award. Here’s what Vinnie had to say about it: “I am very honored that Revolver is renaming the Best Guitarist Award after Dime! He was and always will be what heavy-metal guitar playing is all about. This award is given to the person with those special skills that sets them apart from others. Dime always went for it and I know he would be proud of the winner of this award. So go for it and may the best shredder win! GETCHA PULL!!” More details about this years Golden God Awards here:

Rex’s band Kill Devil Hill releases video for “Leave It All Behind”.

Fuse News tours the Housecore home base. Philip H Anselmo guides us through the premises showing us among other things, Pantera artifacts and memorabilia.

Fuse News Social media:

Twenty years on from ‘Far Beyond Driven’, Metal Hammer celebrates the metal icons that are PANTERA!

Twenty years on from ‘Far Beyond Driven’, Metal Hammer celebrates the metal icons that are PANTERA! Phil, Vinnie and Rex all share their most candid memories of the Texan machine’s rise to superstardom, reveal some unbelievable stories – and talk about the future. More about the issue and purchase info here:
metalhammer Philip conducts “The Smiths and Morrisey 101; Introduction for heavy metalers”.

Our friend Jeff Hanneman would have been 50 years old today! Happy Birthday Jeff, R.I.P.