New ugly Pantera sweatshirt, Dime 333 shirt, and Rex shirt.

There’s some brand new Pantera and Pantera related merch now available in time for the holidays! Let everybody know on sight, you are having a Hostile Holiday and a New Year from Hell by sporting your new ugly Pantera sweatshirt, Dimebag 333 shirt, or Rex Brown shirt. For the Pantera sweater click here. For the […] Judas Priest guitarists talk about Dime and Pantera. did an interview with Glenn Tipton and Richie Faulkner of Judas Priest before their November 7 performance at Fun Fun Fun Fest (FFF Fest) in Austin, Texas. (Entire interview on Soundcloud below). When asked about Pantera, Glenn Tipton said “they were a very innovative band, a great band, a great bunch of guys. I […]

TMZ plays video of Vinnie reaching out to Wyatt! New ddrum starter kit on the way!

The video says it all! Click here to see the original story on Click here to see Wyatt on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Click here to see the original video. To those who are new to Pantera and are just dropping by out of curiosity, the name of the song Wyatt is drumming to is […]

Wyatt becomes internet star for crushing 5 Minutes Alone on drums.

“Lego Wall” Wyatt became an internet sensation when his crushing rendition of Pantera’s “5 Minutes Alone” went viral this past weekend. This morning (Nov 12) Wyatt made his National Network TV debut! Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy The list of sites Wyatt is featured on continues to grow! […]

Remembering Corey Mitchell (Co-founder of the Housecore Horror Film Festival) and how you can help his kids.

Last week the Housecore Horror Film Festival’s co-founder and friend of Philip’s, Corey Mitchell, passed away. has put together some great memories of Corey by people who knew him personally and professionally. Donations to the daughters he left behind can also now be made via PayPal. Click here for details! Thank you.

Noisey concludes their 7 episode series “NOLA: Life, Death, & Heavy Blues from the Bayou” They examining the people & culture that fostered bands like DOWN, Eyehategod, Crowbar, Goatwhore and many others.

Noisey is proud to present NOLA: Life, Death and Heavy Blues from the Bayou, a seven-part series examining the people and the culture that helped foster bands like DOWN, Eyehategod, Crowbar, Goatwhore and many others. From the crawfish-littered tables of the secluded Anselmo compound to a fishing boat with Eyehategod in the swamps, we’ll discuss […]

Talking Metal Episode 500 Featuring Philip Anselmo. Philip says his book will be more upbeat than Rex’s, and touches on how serious Pantera jams with Kerry King became.

The segment with Philip begins at 43:00 Some excerpts of the interview: Speaking to the “Talking Metal” podcast, Anselmo said about “Mouth For War”: “I have definitely postponed this book thing for quite a while. And, really, it’s a tough process to do, and it really takes a lot of heads-down work to do this, […]

Metal Grasshopper Episode 2 “The Awakening”

Philip has teamed with friend and comedian Dave Hill to bring you “Metal Grasshopper”. Episode 2 “The Awakening”: Metal god Philip H. Anselmo reluctantly agrees to share his heavy metal wisdom with delusional manchild Dave Hill. Training and hilarity ensues. Stay tuned for more! Also check out

Loudwire voted Vulgar Display of Power the #1 album of the 1990’s! Check out the rest of the list here

Originally from here. The ’90s were a challenging decade for metal. The enormous growth of the genre in the ’80s certainly carried over at the start of the decade, with powerhouse classics from the Big 4 of thrash kicking things off at a steady clip. But what followed was the wholesale retreat of metal […]

Rob Halford looks back on doing “Light Comes Out Of Black” with Pantera

Originally from here. Shortly after you toured with them, you worked with him on the song “Light Comes Out of Black,” for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer soundtrack. How did that come together? I was away from Priest. Sony were working on the soundtrack. They wanted Sony artists and asked me to write a […]