Photos/Videos from Philip H. Anselmo’s Superjoint appearance at Hellfest!

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Superjoint at Hellfest 2015

Today (June 24) a new interview with Philip was posted by Joey Cutler of Graffiti ( Here are some excerpts concerning Superjoint from that interview:
Graffiti: So, we learned that Superjoint is back and hitting the road. I mean, it’s obviously something that had been talked about on Facebook, but now the dates are set. What made you choose now to bring this thing back? I know that Superjoint played your Housecore Horror Festival.

Anselmo: Yeah I was kind of skeptical at first, when we were asked to do that. And believe it or not – rest in peace – it was [true-crime author and Housecore Horror Film Festival co-founder] Corey Mitchell’s idea. Oh man, bless that guy’s heart. I mean he pushed for it and pushed for it, and he got it. The truth is it was fun jammin’, it was a blast to do. You know, I consider myself a kind of free agent, I mean, I do all kinds of stuff. I know I sing in Down, but I’m really into a lot of different projects and this is just something to do because it’s fun, man.

Graffiti: So playing with Superjoint again is a good thing for you?

Anselmo: Oh yeah. I mean, those guys are all just, again, fun. And the same thing goes for Kevin Bond.

Graffiti: Yeah, while we’re talking about Kevin, I know that not everyone has attached to this.

Anselmo: Yeah, we’ve gone through like three different bass players, the most prominent being Hank III, of course – I’ll just say that right now Hank is in the middle of a very important part of his life where he needs to focus on Hank – We all love him and only want the best for him. It’s nothing bad, by the way, it’s just a pain in the ass for him right now. He’s healthy and great, so no worries there. He’s honestly just really busy and doesn’t really have time to be a part of this Superjoint experience, which leads me to Stephen [Taylor] and Blue [Joey Gonzalez]. Obviously Blue is in Warbeast and also plays in the Illegals with me, as does Stephen. Those guys are f—-n’ awesome. And once again, down right handsome devils Kevin Bond, with those child-bearing hips. I’m tellin’ you man, we are a group of handsome f—-n’ devils!

Then this is the live line-up for this summer’s ‘It Takes Guts’ tour?

Anselmo: Oh yeah, 100 percent, brother.

For the entire interview that touches on Down, Housecore, Jimmy Bower and more, check out the entire interview on here.