Get Folding Hostile with the Sock Puppet Parody of Walk! Dye hard fans: stay till the last drumbeat.

Get folding hostile in the sock pit with Hamptera’s new single “Walk”


Directed and Edited by
Brady Tulk

Produced by
Johnny Zero-Forever

Music Performance
Kitty V from 762 Recording

Texx From Creeper

Backup Singers:
Johnny Zero-Forever
Kitty V

Puppet Design
Carolina Govea

James Bedrich

2nd Unit Camera
Brennan Witterstaetter

Leigh Silver

2nd AD
Elizabeth Ortiz

Lee Russell

Lighting Designer
Daniel Castaneda

Art Director
Gabe Duron

Production Designer
Adriana G Aguilera

Art Department
Max Brown
Randall Day
Leigh Silver

Hanford Dunn
Trevor Haggerty
Ethan Moon

Conner Hocking

Silviano Moncada
Max Brown

Behind The Scene
Mario Laracuente
Brady Tulk – Lead Singer
Carolina Govea – Lead Singer arms
Randall Day – Guitar
Sean Stone – Bass
Zachary Kelly– Drums
David Jr Castillo – Drums arms

Press Release writer
Xavier Gonzalez

Special thank you:
Audio playback on Sound Bridge speakers:
Skater Socks for the many socks used on set:
Filmed on location at Gas Monkey Live:

Extras (Cowboys from Smell)
Bruno Govea
Letisia Cruz
Rosa Sanchez
Veronica Castillo
Vica Castillo
Zenaida Castillo
Michael Pisterzi
Jorje Cruz
Peyton Manby
Letty Manby
Lydia Deaver
Robert Burns
Leslie Litvik
Sarah Brownlee
Jeff Brownlee
Brian Charles
Aaron Castaneda
Nick Barry
Ian Saint
Jennifer Orr
Abraham Quinones
Marco Cruz
Rhonda S/ Fullerton
John Manby