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Dime comes in at #5 on Loudwire’s Top 50 Hard Rock + Metal Guitarists of All Time

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Let the debate begin! The history of hard rock and metal is littered with blistering riffs delivered by incredible shredders providing memorable licks that just beg you to either pick up a guitar yourself or do your best air guitar if one isn’t handy. But which guitarist is the best of all-time? That’s a debate that set our Loudwire staff buzzing.

What makes for the greatest guitarist of all time? Is it the signature riffs you can’t get out of your head? Is it the undeniable skill the axeman has that makes them the envy of all? Is it the influence they’ve given to the next generation? Is it the legacy they’ve created with years of hits and defining the sound of an era? The short answer is all of the above.

Dime comes in at #5 but to see the rest of the rankings, check out the gallery countdown here:

Dime takes 2nd place on Ultimate Guitar showdown!

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So after over four whole months, the inaugural edition of UG Showdown came to an end with a massive clash between late Pantera icon Dimebag Darrell and Queen legend Brian May.

Based on nearly 55,000 fan votes, Dr. May grabbed the title by fetching around 60% of the votes, placing him straight on the throne of guitar lords!

On his way to the finals, Brian earned a reputation of a destroyer of prog champions, as he first bested John Petrucci in round one, and then devastated Robert Fripp in the second phase. In the quarterfinals, he triumphed over Jimmy Page in a tight clash, and then bested John Frusciante in the quarterfinals.

As for Dime, his journey to the finals saw him besting such titans as Rory Gallagher, Buckethead, David Gilmour, and even Jimi Hendrix in the semifinals. He was ultimately stopped by the Doctor, but a silver medal is still a great nod to one of the all-time greats of metal.

For more details on the poll outcomes, check out the UG summary page here.



Guitar World: Tour Dimebag Darrell’s Guitar Vault, Home and Recording Studio

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Guitar World’s February 2015 issue, which is available at the Guitar World Online Store, is the ultimate tribute to the late, great Dimebag Darrell.

As part of our coverage, which was timed for the 10th anniversary of the guitarist’s tragic death, Guitar World was invited into Dime’s home and recording studio—and we got to bring our cameras!

Below, enjoy our exclusive video tour, which offers a private look at Dime’s impressive guitar collection, not to mention his home, memorabilia, kitchen, bathrooms (Note: Dime’s bathrooms are more interesting than they sound!) and a lot more.

Check out the video below! And remember to pick up the February 2015 issue of GW, which features the ultimate Dimebag Darrell guitar gallery, more details about his home and studio, our guide to the 25 Greatest Pantera Songs and much more!

For more news and info on Dime, check out the official site here:

Pictures of the Dime guitars at the Dean display this week at NAMM + pics and video from Guitar World!

The Dean From Hell Limited!
The Dean From Hell Limited!

Razorback DB Floyd Bumblebee Firefly
Razorback DB Floyd Bumblebee Firefly

Dime Razorback Rebel
Dime Razorback Rebel

Stealth Floyd FM – Dime Slime
Stealth Floyd FM - Dime Slime

Dimebag Rebel Flame Top Floyd – Trans Red
Dimebag Rebel Flame Top Floyd - Trans Red

Razorbolt – Black Red
Razorbolt - Black Red

Razorbolt – Black Silver
Razorbolt - Black Silver

The following pictures and video are courtesy of Guitar World.




Check out Guitar World for more coverage of this year’s NAMM.

For more news and information on Dimebag, check out the official site:…

Check out this previously unreleased track written & played by Dimebag Darrell!

It’s part of Guitar World Magazine’s Ultimate Dime Tribute Issue. More info from Guitar World here.

The February 2015 issue of Guitar World, which will hit newsstands and readers’ mailboxes this week, has been dubbed our Ultimate Dimebag Darrell Tribute Issue!

Among its exclusive Dime-themed offerings are:

• A private tour of the late guitarist’s estate in Arlington, Texas, featuring his most cherished guitars and memorabilia

• The Guitar World guide to the 25 Greatest Pantera Songs of All Time

• An interview with metal producer Terry Date, who reflects on his days in the studio with Pantera

• An interview with Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian, who recalls how he nearly drank himself to death on the road with Pantera

• Plus a gallery of Dimebag Darrell art and tattoos from Guitar World readers, who continue to express their devotion to the late guitarist.

As part of our Dime tribute, we’re also premiering “Whiskey Road,” a never-before-heard song that features Dimebag Darrell on vocals and all the instruments

Here is a 30 second preview of the song. For the whole thing, check it out on Guitar World here.

New ugly Pantera sweatshirt, Dime 333 shirt, and Rex shirt.

There’s some brand new Pantera and Pantera related merch now available in time for the holidays! Let everybody know on sight, you are having a Hostile Holiday and a New Year from Hell by sporting your new ugly Pantera sweatshirt, Dimebag 333 shirt, or Rex Brown shirt.

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For the Rex shirt click here. Judas Priest guitarists talk about Dime and Pantera. did an interview with Glenn Tipton and Richie Faulkner of Judas Priest before their November 7 performance at Fun Fun Fun Fest (FFF Fest) in Austin, Texas. (Entire interview on Soundcloud below).

When asked about Pantera, Glenn Tipton said “they were a very innovative band, a great band, a great bunch of guys. I mean it was just an absolute tragedy that someone would do this (murder Dimebag). It’s just terrible you know, a complete tragedy. And I’ve got a lot of respect for PANTERA. Everything they did, I think, was… they were a band that was immediately recognizable, they wrote some great songs, they were innovative and they were great guys.”

Richie Faulkner “I never met Dime. I met his brother last night for the first time. He came to the show and we had a blast. So it was just great to meet his brother. It’s a shame I couldn’t meet Dime. And the influence of the guy speaks volumes. And that goes for these guys (Judas Priest) too; the music lives on longer than we do. Some of it’s cut off shorter than it should be, but at the end of the day, the legacy is in the music. So long may that continue”

Happy Birthday Dime!

A big happy birthday today to the one and only Dimebag Darrell! In celebration of his birthday, we would like to announce the launch of a new official website in tribute to him: We will be adding loads of new content and we are counting on you his fans to contribute! If you have any pics of your Dime tattoo, playing your Dime guitar, pics of you with Dime, or anything else you don’t think we’ve seen yet, please send it to webmaster (at) or post it on the official Dimebag Darrell Facebook page (click here) so we can start working onto the new site. Thanks and once again, happy 48th birthday Dime!…

Win a Dimebag Pantera Dean Guitar and Pantera’s ‘Far Beyond Driven’ 20th Anniversary Prize Pack! Brought to you by Dean Guitars & Revolver Magazine.

In commemoration of a legendary artist, legendary band, and 20th Anniversary of a legendary album, Dean Guitars has created the ultimate collector’s piece–The Dimebag Pantera ‘Far Beyond Driven’ ML. This Dean Guitar ML is equipped with a bolt-on maple neck, basswood body, DMT® Design bridge pickup, and a Floyd Rose Special. The Dean ML body shape was the guitar of choice for Dimebag Darrell, and pays homage to the man and his music.

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The 2014 Golden Gods Awards. The guitar award is named after Dime, Rex Brown is nominated for best bassist.

Make sure you tune into the Golden Gods Awards on Wednesday, April 23! The guitar award is being renamed for Dimebag Darrell. Rex Brown is nominated for the “Paul Gray Best Bassist” Award and is also presenting an award. is streaming the awards.

Seymour Duncan: Talking Tone With Dimebag Darrell’s Tech Grady Champion

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Grady Champion was Dimebag Darrell’s guitar tech for 13 years, and he was by Dime’s side as he found and continued to refine his tone, from Pantera through to Damageplan, across countless gigs on stages all over the world. Towards the end of his life Dime had been using his signature Seymour Duncan Dimebucker pickup, but Grady tells us that Dime was also a fan of the ’59 Model, using the bridge version of the ’59 in the neck position of his guitars. In between teching for bands like Incubus and Blondie, Grady took some time out to have a chat about how pickups fit into Dime’s tone and what it was like to work with one of the most unforgettable metal guitarists ever.

When did Seymour Duncan pickups first figure into Dime’s rig?

Dimebag SetI don’t know an exact time when Duncan entered the picture. We changed pickups SO frequently, tried new combinations almost weekly sometimes. We tried everything, as you know, the Bill Lawrence was mainstay in the bridge for most of the years. I do remember he wanted a neck pickup with a little more bite and gain, so we tried the bridge ’59. He was always trying to squeeze ‘a little more gain’ out of things. I remember when you guys sent the Dimebucker prototypes out. We had three, maybe four. If I left the last model in it, don’t remember. I still have them. What he asked me to do was, just put a different pickup in the ‘Cowboys’ guitar every night until we went through them. He would say which one he liked best after that. In my hindsight of an opinion, after a few drinks and an hour and a half of eight 4×12′s blowing your head off, his hearing wasn’t too good! I think that is why that pickup screams so much!
Seymour Duncan Dimebag Darrell Dimebucker prototypes

Original Dimebucker prototypes.
Photo: Grady Champion

How would you describe the relationship between the Dimebucker and the ’59 bridge model? What were the qualities that made them work together?

As far as the relationship between the two, for me it’s simple: he always enjoyed everything to be ‘hot.’ Nigel had nothing on Dime: if he wanted 11, Dime needed 15. The ’59 has an edge on it for the bluesy neck position, and the Dimebucker has such an attack with it that cuts through.

It seems there were lots of little customizations on Dime’s guitars – the grip on the volume knob, the tape on the neck pickup, stuff like that. It sounds like he took an extremely active approach to his personal gear…

I did a lot of little customizations for him. The knobs I did with a soldering iron tip, disconnected tone knob, put tape along the neck pickup so no strings would get caught underneath, put foam in between the back plate and springs, and a little piece of foam behind the nut as well. Also, I scratched his .88 Tortex picks with a dart for grip. We worked very close together for many years. He always told me what he wanted and I did my best to accommodate him.

There are a lot of myths, rumours and unconfirmed theories about guitar in general, especially when people get to sharing wrong information online. What’s something that would surprise people about Dime’s guitar playing or his approach to gear, or that you feel has been misreported over the years?
dimebag knobs

Modified volume knobs on Dimebag’s original ‘Concrete Sledge’ Dean ML.

I get a lot of questions and requests from people wanting to know everything about Dime’s rig and settings and things. They can have all the info they want and NEVER sound like him because they can’t have his hands! HE was the magical formula, everything else were basically good ole tools for the job. His action on his guitars weren’t shredder low, he LIKED to be able to get his fingers under some notes. The gain was amazingly touchy, you simply could not stand in front of his rig with his guitar on and open the volume knob all the way without it feeding back.

We often hear stories of people like Steve Lukather, Nuno Bettencourt and Dweezil Zappa playing through EVH’s personal guitar rig and being disappointed to realise that it didn’t make them sound like Eddie. Was there ever a time when someone played through Dime’s rig and it got away from them?

I can remember Scott Ian grabbing and saying “Dude, there’s so much gain!” Can’t remember specifically anyone being disappointed. On the flip side of this, every guitar Dime played had to be sturdy and stable. He was a beast on them. Case in point, Pantera/Anthrax tour: Anthrax’s guitar player at the time, Paul Crook, gave Dime his guitar to play a song on. Paul is a great player, mucho finesse, total opposite setup from Dimes guitars. Dime grabbed it, immediately did a whammy dive and pulled the whole floyd off the body! Haha! He looked a Paul and said “Sorry I jacked your rig up dude!”

Any last thoughts you’d like to leave us with?

He was a master, best friend and big brother to me and I think of him a hundred times a day…

…check out this article (with photos) on by clicking here.

Vinnie shows us the new Far Beyond Driven Dean and more (video).

Director of artist relations for Dean Guitars and ddrum Josh Maloney has a friendly chat with Vinnie Paul at NAMM 2014 in Anaheim, California. Vinnie talks about his return to NAMM, and shows us the new Far Beyond Driven Dean guitar and more guitars made out of the trees in Darrell’s yard!

REVOLVER Magazine Golden Gods Awards are renaming the Best Guitarist Award for Dimebag Darrell.

REVOLVER Magazine Golden Gods Awards are renaming the Best Guitarist Award for Dimebag Darrell. It will now be known as the Dimebag Darrell Best Guitarist Award. Here’s what Vinnie had to say about it: “I am very honored that Revolver is renaming the Best Guitarist Award after Dime! He was and always will be what heavy-metal guitar playing is all about. This award is given to the person with those special skills that sets them apart from others. Dime always went for it and I know he would be proud of the winner of this award. So go for it and may the best shredder win! GETCHA PULL!!” More details about this years Golden God Awards here: