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In honor of Pantera’s 1992 masterpiece, Vulgar Display of Power, turning 30 this year, we spoke with vocalist Philip Anselmo and bassist Rex Brown about the wild times they had while making the album and touring on it with their now-deceased bandmates, guitarist Dimebag Darrell and drummer Vinnie Paul. In this extended excerpt from the full conversation, Anselmo and Brown fondly recall some of the craziest experiences they had with Dime and Vinnie — the drinking game”twist and hurl,” getting shirtless on an airplane, going feral on tour — and pay tribute to their everlasting legacy. Watch now.

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VDOP 30th Anniversary Graphic Novel

In the grand tradition established by Z2, the Vulgar Display of Power 30th anniversary graphic novel unites famous fans of the band throughout comics and music to team up on adaptations of all eleven of the album’s tracks. Creators including Alan Robert (Life of Agony), Eric Peterson (Testament), Keith Buckley (Every Time I Die), Burton C. Bell (Fear Factory), Steve Niles (30 Days of Night), Ryan J. Downey (MTV News), Tony Lee (Dr. Who) and illustrators Paul Booth, Erik Rodriguez, Ryan Kelly, Steve Chanks, Kevin Mellon, John Pearson and Danijel Zezelj will each offer a unique interpretation inspired by the lyrics and music to create a whole new way to experience this landmark work of heavy art.

Exclusive: Philip Anselmo Opens Up About Dime + Vinnie, + ‘Walk’ Remastered Music Video Premiere

Here we are friends, the big finale to our Vulgar Display Of Power anniversary celebration. Among the likes of Metallica’s Black Album, Slayer’s Reign In Hell, and more – Pantera’s Vulgar Display Of Power is one of the most brilliant records in heavy metal history.

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Exclusive: Philip Anselmo Talks Vulgar Display Of Power Tour Life + ‘Mouth For War’ Remastered Music Video Premiere.

This past Tuesday we released a special remastered music video of Pantera’s “This Love” to celebrate the upcoming 30th anniversary of Vulgar Display Of Power. Since then, we’ve also had some big name musicians, like Arejay of Halestom and Stephen Carpenter of Deftones, share their thoughts on the band and what the song means to them.

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Stephen Carpenter of the Deftones talk Power & Beauty of This Love.

To continue the celebration of the upcoming 30th anniversary of the Pantera album Vulgar Display Of Power, we have none other than Deftones’ Stephen Carpenter. Much like how Pantera have inspired Halestorm’s Arejay Hale, the band have also had a major impact on the Deftones lead guitarist.

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