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Presenting the latest in the KnuckleBonz Beverage Series: ‘Vulgar Display of Lager’ in Collaboration w/ Great South Bay Brewing

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Presenting the latest in the @KnuckleBonz Beverage Series: @Panteraofficial ‘Vulgar Display of Lager’ Beer in Collaboration with Great South Bay Brewing in NY;
Ships from Half Time Beverage to 33 States in the USA
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The Pantera® Vulgar Display of Lager (5.9%) – By selecting nothing but the finest of ingredients coupled with traditional methods, the result is quite a “Vulgar Display of Lager” with a complex flavor profile that is cold fermented for the crisp and refreshing experience you’d expect from a world class German Lager.
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REVOLVER: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Reinventing the Steel’

“That album’s one of my favorites — that and Vulgar [Display of Power],” Rex Brown enthused to us in 2005; the record of which he was speaking is Reinventing the Steel, Pantera’s swansong and an LP that Brown’s former bandmates Phil Anselmo and Vinnie Paul also look back on fondly. By all accounts, the LP marked a renewed creative spark and sense of brotherhood within the group following a long, dark period during which Anselmo’s drug abuse fractured the band and marred their onstage performance and offstage relationship with fans.”

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