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Rob Halford looks back on doing “Light Comes Out Of Black” with Pantera

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Shortly after you toured with them, you worked with him on the song “Light Comes Out of Black,” for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer soundtrack. How did that come together?
I was away from Priest. Sony were working on the soundtrack. They wanted Sony artists and asked me to write a song. I hadn’t written as a solo writer for years and years and years. But it’s one of those things where you don’t know what you can do until you put your nose to the grindstone. So I wrote “Light Comes Out of Black,” and I was stuck. And I got Dime’s number, and I called him up and I said, “Here’s the deal.” And he goes, “Let’s do it. Just get in the plane and come down to Dallas.” So that’s what I did the next day, went to the studio, laid the track down in a very short space of time. Phil wandered by, said “Oh, how’s it going, ‘metal god’?” So I told him and he said, “You got a spot for me?” I said, “Pfft, here’s the mic.” So Phil joins me on the back end of the song. And it turned out really god. It’s amazing to think that that’s a Pantera song really. It is Pantera with me on lead vocals, and Phil obviously doing the outro sections. But it’s a Pantera song really.

Listen to the song here:

There’s much more to this article including Rob paying tribute to Darrell click here.

NOLA: Life, Death, & Heavy Blues from the Bayou – Episode 1 (Some Pantera history covered)

Noisey is proud to present NOLA: Life, Death and Heavy Blues from the Bayou, a seven-part series examining the people and the culture that helped foster bands like DOWN, Eyehategod, Crowbar, Goatwhore and many others. From the crawfish-littered tables of the secluded Anselmo compound to a fishing boat with Eyehategod in the swamps, we’ll discuss the bands, Hurricane Katrina, drugs, suicide, murder, and records that helped shape the New Orleans sound known the world over.


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Noisey is proud to present NOLA: Life, Death and Heavy Blues from the Bayou, a seven-part series examining the people and the culture that helped foster bands like DOWN, Eyehategod, Crowbar, Goatwhore and many others. From the crawfish-littered tables of the secluded Anselmo compound to a fishing boat with Eyehategod in the swamps, we’ll discuss the bands, Hurricane Katrina, drugs, suicide, murder, and records that helped shape the New Orleans sound known the world over.

Produced & Directed by: Jimmy Hubbard and Fred Pessaro
Executive Producer: Trevor Silmser
Supervising Producer: Andy Capper
Associate Producer: Allen Otto
Editor: Matthew Caron
Hosts: Fred Pessaro and Jake Boyle
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Vinnie talks to and draws some comparisons between Pantera and Hellyeah

Here are some excerpts from the entire interview which can be found here:

MR – You mentioned earlier just how well produced the album is. You had Kevin Churko produce this one for you. You yourself produced the first two Hellyeah records have you never fancied getting back to producing or do you just enjoy the relative freedom of writing and playing now?

VP – I’ve produced or at least co-produced every record I’ve ever been a part of, right the way back to the Pantera stuff and was nice to just mainly be the drummer. Although I pre-produced everything before it went to Kevin. So most of the music stayed the same, but Kevin dragged the very best out of Chad. Really out of Tom too and out of myself. You know, he’s just an awesome producer. He makes the record that you want to make. He doesn’t make the record that the record company wants or that he wants to make. He really understood the vision of the band and brought the best out of us.

MR – Well that’s definitely good to hear. Hellyeah will always be compared to the bands you’ve played in previously going back as far as Pantera, how do you deal with that?

VP – It’s not hard for me to deal with because I’m not in those bands anymore, I’m in Hellyeah. You know it’s the same thing as Jimmy Page or Robert Plant, they’re always gonna be known as the guys from Led Zepplin. It doesn’t matter what they do outside of that. You know, it’s a good legacy to have but people do have to realise that that was then and this is now. A lot of people get hung up on living in the past and I’m not doing that. I’m living for today and for tomorrow. What I did back then was amazing, it was great and I’m hoping to achieve that again with this. It’s a much different day and age, it’s more difficult and harder but I’m willing to do it. A lot of people being from a band like I was wouldn’t come play a place like this they’d say “Fuck that! I’m not gonna do that. I’ve been there and done it.” But I love it. It’s a challenge, its fun.

MR – How would you describe Hellyeah as a band today? And has anything changed since the start?
VP – Well the reason why we started the band was to get back into music for the reason we started in the first place – the love of music. When you’re in a band like Mudvayne or Pantera they turn into a business after a while and the fun goes away from it because it’s a lot of fuckin’ work. I try telling people all the time – try being married to one person for any length of time much less four or five other guys in the band you know that’s what it’s like. You really have to learn give and take and how things work. But Hellyeah, right now with the new guys in the band, it feels like why we started again – the people love making the music.…

Godsmack involved in a very worthy cause. Pantera related.

Due to a turn of tragic events, our dear friend and tour manager, Guy Sykes recently lost his granddaughter to an alcohol related car accident. All of our hearts weigh very heavy for him and his family during this difficult time, as no one should ever have to go through the heartbreak of losing a child. Because of this terrible event, Godsmack (who Guy is currently tour managing), Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Fest, and Unite the United are coming together to help raise money, awareness, and support victims of alcohol related accidents. Godsmack are auctioning off a once in a lifetime experience for two, to be our special VIP RockstarUproar guests for the day in Dallas TX! The auction winner will receive the following: 2 great tickets to the show, watch Godsmack’s set sidestage, a private Meet & Greet with Godsmack with a professional photo op, a Meet & Greet with Seether, a hand signed Dean from Hell Electric Guitar (autographed by all members of Godsmack, Seether, Skillet and more), 2 VIP Laminates, complimentary lunch & dinner in catering, and more! Let’s come together for a great cause, as well as give two fans an experience they will remember for a lifetime! You can view the LIVE auction, and place your bid now at: Auction ends Sunday night at 8pm CST so place your bid now!

If you are going to drink, always be responsible enough to not get behind the wheel. It’s NOT worth the risk of losing your life, or taking away the life of another. Stay the night at a friends house or hotel and sober up. If you need to get home, call a cab or have a designated driver with you. It will help save lives. …

2014 Covers From Hell Winners!

The winners for the 2014 Covers From Hell contest have been chosen! Thank you all VERY MUCH for your entries! It was a lot of work and a lot of fun to go through them all. It was extremely difficult to pick these winners because of the sheer amount of talent that was put on display for this. IF YOU ARE A WINNER, PLEASE CHECK YOUR MESSAGES IN YOUR YOUTUBE ACCOUNT! So without further delay here is what our panel ultimately decided after much debate:

In 4th place: 5 Minutes Alone submitted by Thebigrockroom

In 3rd place: Cowboys From Hell submitted by Elton Sawyer

In 2nd place: Strength Beyond Strength submitted by BLOID

….and the winner of the 2014 an first Covers From Hell contest: Shedding Skin submitted by Jason Wan!

Thank you all again for your entries an remember: IF YOU ARE A WINNER, PLEASE CHECK YOUR MESSAGES IN YOUR YOUTUBE ACCOUNT!…

Win a Dimebag Pantera Dean Guitar and Pantera’s ‘Far Beyond Driven’ 20th Anniversary Prize Pack! Brought to you by Dean Guitars & Revolver Magazine.

In commemoration of a legendary artist, legendary band, and 20th Anniversary of a legendary album, Dean Guitars has created the ultimate collector’s piece–The Dimebag Pantera ‘Far Beyond Driven’ ML. This Dean Guitar ML is equipped with a bolt-on maple neck, basswood body, DMT® Design bridge pickup, and a Floyd Rose Special. The Dean ML body shape was the guitar of choice for Dimebag Darrell, and pays homage to the man and his music.

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Philip interviewed at Download Festival, videos of Rex and Philip joining each others bands to do Pantera songs.

Philip talks about himself keeping festival concerts unique with “blasts from the past”, and how he hates rock stars. Philip also touches on heavy metal genres and sub-genres, and how the headlining power of festivals could be safe in the hands of surprising new bands or quite possibly reunions of older more established bands.

Here Philip talks about it being the 20th anniversary of his first appearance at Donnington, the history of the Download Festival, playing with Rex again, playing Pantera songs for the youth of today, the state of heavy metal in 2014, and much more.

Rex joins Philip H. Anselmo and the Illegals onstage at Download Festival 2014 for the Pantera classic “A New Level”.

Here, Philip H. Anselmo and the Illegals do their versions of Death Rattle, Domination/Hollow,

Philip H Anselmo & The Illegals are still currently touring Europe. Click here for remaining dates.

Here Philip joins Rex’s Kill Devil Hill for a rendition of the Pantera classic “Mouth For War”.

Review of the upcoming Hellyeah record, and an extensive list of upcoming Hellyeah dates, and Vinnie’s latest response to Pantera (not) reforming

HELLYEAH!!! Shout out to Blunt Magazine for the GREAT REVIEW of ‘BLOOD FOR BLOOD’!!

May 30 Westfair Amp Council Bluffs, IA
May 31 R.C. McGraw’s Manhattan, KS
Jun 01 Gexa Energy Pavilion Dallas, TX
Jun 26 Ziggy’s Winston Salem, NC
Jun 27 Ziggy’s By The Sea Wilmington, NC
Jun 28 Shiley Acres Inwood, WV
Jul 17 Rock USA Oshkosh, WI
Jul 29 C-Club Berlin, Germany
Jul 30 Fezen Festival Székesfehérvár, Hungary
Aug 01 Wacken Music Festival Hamburg, Germany
Aug 02 Seerock Festival Graz, Austria
Aug 03 Interstate Studio 270 Udine, Italy
Aug 05 Alte Seilerei Mannheim, Germany
Aug 06 Underground Cologne, Germany
Aug 08 Alcatraz Festival Kortrijk, Belgium
Aug 09 Bloodstock Open Air Festival Derbyshire, United Kingdom
Aug 10 The Live Rooms Chester, United Kingdom
Aug 12 The Fleece Bristol, United Kingdom
Aug 13 The Craufurd Arms Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
Aug 15 Sound Control Manchester, United Kingdom
Aug 16 The Slade Rooms Wolverhampton, United Kingdom
Aug 17 The Underworld London, United Kingdom
Sep 13 Aftershock Festival 2014 Sacramento, CA

9/16 Salt Lake City, UT Maverik Center
9/17 Billings, MT Rimrock Auto Arena @ Metrapark
9/18 Bismarck, ND Bismarck Civic Center
9/20 Cedar Rapids, IA US Cellular Coliseum
9/21 Grand Rapids, MI Deltaplex
9/23 Syracuse, NY The Oncenter
9/25 Baltimore, MD Baltimore Arena
9/26 Lowell, MA Tsongas Center
9/27 Albany, NY Times Union Center
9/30 Portland, ME Cumberland County Civic Center
10/1 Reading, PA Santander Arena
10/3 Newark, NJ Prudential Center
10/7 Ft. Wayne, IN Allen County War Memorial
10/10 Huntington, WV Big Sandy Superstore Arena
10/11 Duluth, GA Gwinnett Arena
10/12 Knoxville, TN Knoxville Civic Coliseum
10/14 Orlando, FL CFE Arena
10/16 Biloxi, MS MS Coast Coliseum
10/17 Little Rock, AR Verizon Arena
10/22 Rio Rancho, NM Santa Ana Star Center
10/24 Las Vegas, NV The Joint @ Hard Rock

On May 28, Vinnie commented on the possiblity of Pantera reunion with Zakk Wylde for
“If you had an ex-wife, and it was a pretty bitter split, you might not ever want to talk to her again. Who cares if everybody in the family and your friends want you to say hello again? It’s your choice whether you want to do it or not. And I think a lot of people are selfish. They say, ‘Oh, he oughtta just kiss and make up with Phil and everything will be cool. And then they can go get Zakk Wylde and everything’s gonna be great.’ No, everything’s not gonna be great.”…

3 New interviews with Vinnie. Planet Mosh, Jeff Cavanaugh, and Metal Head to Head.

In April, Vinnie sat down with Planet Mosh to talk about the new Hellyeah album and tour, Dime, Kiss, Pantera’s legacy and more:

Jeff Cavanaugh of recently conducted an interview with Vinnie about the development of Hellyeah, the new line up, and the possibility of PANTERA one day being inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame:

Vinnie was also recently featured with Joe Satriani in the latest episode of Fuse’s “Metalhead To Head”.